Weaseling activities for groups and individuals.

Weaseling is a strange but very entertaining activity and a perfect way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.
Ever found yourself jumping from rock to rock over muddy bogs? Climbed to the top of a rock stack to see the view? Stooped down to enter the mouth of a cave or cavity out of curiosity? It’s all weaseling.

Simply put, weaseling involves using the natural environment as an adventure playground. It is all about the rocks, we scramble up them, slide down them and wiggle through them. It’s like rock climbing, mountaineering and caving all thrown into one and is not like anything you’ll have done before.

Weaseling is an activity led by its participants. It can be a clean and technical scrambling activity, or it can be a muddy, wet voyage of discovery. Participants can push themselves to their physical limits hunting down some of the hidden cavities underfoot. Alternatively is can be more focussed on moving efficiently on rock. Most activities end up a mix of both. Either way it will be an experience like nothing else for all ages and abilities. These activities give loads of ‘on the rock time’ and can be as hard or as easy as needed. The line between scrambling, rock hopping and climbing can be a blurred one, but whatever you are looking for, weaseling is a great way to spend time outdoors.

Why weasel?

Weaseling is a very mobile activity. It does not involve much waiting around, so is excellent for dynamic days out. Any ‘on the rock’ activity like this is great for personal fitness and strength. We always include as much moving activity as possible in weaseling sessions. Most activities become organic and evolve with the group and as ever we can fully tailor and activity to your needs.

Weaseling options

Do it as a stand alone activity with a groups of friends or family, or as part of a larger activity rotation on the Peak District moors. Talk to us about your timescale and group and we can suggest an activity perfect for you. Get in touch now to make a booking.

Peak Instruction - Weaseling activities for groups