Walking & Navigation

Walking is the most popular countryside pastime and the easiest outdoor activity to get into. No matter what your level, it is a great way to get out and see the country, not to mention keep yourself fit. Photography, exercise, navigation, exploration, summit chasing, whatever your motivation we can tailor a course for you.


Guided Walking

We can act as guides to any U.K. mountain top and can lead you to anywhere you want to go. If it’s personal progression you are after, we have a lot of experience in teaching navigation and hill skills too.

Navigation Training

Get lost? Want to venture further from the path? Navigation skills will give you the confidence to go wherever you want. Whatever your level we can help you leave the sat-nav at home. Enjoy the satisfaction of route finding in the hills. Navigation skills can be covered in a single day or a multi day course can be arranged for maximum benefit. Learn to use map & compass. We’ll show you the ‘GPS-finger’ technique and you’ll never need to ask “which way is….?” again.
Got the basics already? Okay, lets get micro! Take navigation to the extreme and learn to micro-nav between the smallest of contour features and move confidently over complex and broken terrain.

For individually tailored navigation and hill skills training please contact us direct with your requirements.


Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with maps or GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, hidden all over the country. Learning to use both maps and GPS devices takes a fun twist, so is a great way of introducing yourself to the world of navigation. There are a number of different types of geocache, some lead you on a trail of discovery and some test your navigation skills to the extreme. Most contain a logbook to add your name to and some require you to leave a small item in exchange for one already present.

Whatever your level a free registration on the official geocaching site will allow you to see all of the 1,000,000+ caches in the world and descriptions of where to find them. Log the caches that you’ve found and turn it into a family past time.

Wild Camping & Overnight Walking Trips

If you’ve never spent a night in the hills then consider joining us on a wild camp. Learn the skills and use the equipment needed to spend a comfortable and safe night out.
Wild camping in the mountains is amazing, the sunsets, the views, the rain! An over night stay out in the hills adds to any walking trip and a can allow you to see places that you just can’t reach in a single day.
Go back to basics on a woodland night out. Spend a night under canvas or in a shelter built by your own hands and learn how to start a fire and control it safely.

Whatever your goal or experience we will be able to help. Get in touch and lets start to tailor your perfect course.

Tailored Walking Trips

If you have a specific trip or goal in mind that we have not listed already then we offer a full tailoring service. Whether it is just safety cover for your event, guiding or a complete planning service we can help. Get in touch with Pete to discuss your needs.


Orienteering is a sport built around the skills of navigation and problem solving. We use maps to locate ‘markers’ in a course area. Once there they mark their score sheet or record some information. Orienteering in its purest form is a competitive sport practiced the world over with its own governing body. Its place among the activities we offer is down to the fact that not only does it provide a friendly opportunity for competitiveness but also provides a great means for developing navigational skills, independence & personal safety skills, decision making and personal fitness.

There different courses throughout the UK, so we can put an activity together for you almost anywhere. We can even develop bespoke courses for you at a location of choice. Participants will be provided with a laminated map, route card, safety whistle and full instruction. You’ll need to identify the best route to gain the maximum number of points for the time you have available, a problem solving exercise in itself. You’ll then need to accurately navigate around the area on foot to locate the markers hidden and record the information provided.

Enjoy an active, testing challenge amongst wonderful scenery. Great for families or groups looking for a bit of competition. It is also an activity you can go on to do at home, so for more info check out the British Orienteering website here.

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