Tyrolean Crossings


A Tyrolean Traverse is similar to a Zip Wire, but is made with rope & requires you to pull yourself along. They are methods of crossing open spaces like rivers, gorges, valleys or other holes. It involves balancing & pulling or sliding oneself across on ropes.

Tyrolean traverses are great fun, so they are perfect for group events. We can set one up to be about as high and wide as the natural environment allows. One of our crossings can be incorporated into a team building day with us or completed as a standalone activity. Pete is one of the people behind the delivery of the Vertical Cave & Mine Leader Tyrolean Traverse module and has done extensive testing. We have run a large tyrolean abseil off Curbar Edge for the BBC in the past. You should consider a tyrolean crossing activity if you are looking for a physical or technical challenge or just want to try something different.

Tyroleans around the UK

We also have some options available for tyrolean locations across the Peak District and further afield. If you would like to organise one or have a go as part of a larger activity package, get in touch.

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