Spare Rope Rescue Workshop (SRT)

This is an SRT spare rope rescue training day is aimed at recreational cavers and mine explorers. See and practice a number of rescues that use a spare rope to rescue an incapacitated person on a straightforward SRT pitch.


The spare rope rescue workshop will have both a theory and practical element, with participants seeing demonstrations and also performing rescues under supervision. The exact content of the workshop will vary with participants ability, but will generally include;

  • Rigging for rescue – Y Hangs & Master Points
  • Rescuing an incapacitated caver who is on their descender from a pitch by abseiling down to them on a spare rope
  • Rescuing an incapacitated caver who is on their ascenders from a pitch by abseiling down to them on a spare rope
  • Lowering an incapacitated caver who is mid-pitch remotely from the top of the pitch using a spare rope

This workshop is for straightforward SRT pitches with no rebelays or deviations. Rescue past deviations and rebelays is a more advanced skill that can be taught once the spare rope rescue has been mastered.

We can also run this workshop as a bespoke event, with a specific type of situation, rescue kit or rigging type focussed on. Get in touch to arrange a tailored course.
The workshop can be run in any region at an underground or surface venue. See the listed dates for locations or request a workshop near to you.

What’s Included in the Spare Rope Rescue workshop?

The spare rope rescue workshop price includes the provision of all ropes and rescue equipment that are needed. SRT kits can be hired, but participants are normally expected to have their own equipment and be fully competent in SRT on straight pitches and rigging for SRT. Participants’ personal equipment must be in a safe and well-maintained condition and be within the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan.

A set of training notes will be provided to each participant.

Participants will need to bring their own food and drink, plus have appropriate clothing and equipment for underground activities. A short drive in convoy after meeting the trainer may be needed.


£65.00 per person
(group block-booking rate available on request)

Limited to a 1:4 ratio of instructor to participants.


1st October 2023 – Derbyshire, Hope Valley area. Places available.
10th December 2023 – North Wales, Cwmorthin. Places available

Get in touch to request a certain date or book a private training course.

Booking a place on the Spare Rope Rescue workshop

To book places on listed a date, or to discuss a bespoke workshop, please contact us directly.
You can see details of other training course that we offer on the Training page.

More photos from recent courses: SRT Spare Rope Rescue Workshop 08-05-2022 | Flickr