Anchor Installation Workshop

This training workshop is aimed at sport and recreational users of anchor bolts might be looking to install anchors in future. Learn how to place a range of anchor types and gain an appreciation of the legal, ethical and technical requirements surrounding the placing of safe anchor points.


The workshop will have both a theory and practical element, with participants placing and testing their own anchors. The exact anchor types used on the course will vary, but will include;

  • Expansion anchors
  • Resin anchors that are bonded with a glass resin vial
  • Resin anchors that are installed using a resin applicator gun
  • Removable anchor devices (Petzl Coeur Pulse)

We can also run this workshop as a bespoke event, with a specific brand or type of anchor focussed on. Get in touch to arrange a tailored course.

The workshop will cover:

  • The importance of competence
  • Recreational anchor installation law and safety standards
  • Work place anchor installation law, safety standards and codes of practice
  • Assessing substrate (rock!)
  • Choice of anchor device
  • Resin bonded anchors
  • Expansion anchors
  • Appropriate PPE
  • Installation methods
  • Testing
  • Record keeping

The workshop is not intended as a work at height anchor installation course, but an overview of the requirements for ‘work’ anchors vs. recreational ones will be discussed and information highlighted to those who intend to install anchors for work.

Participants will share installation equipment with one other person, but get to place their own expansion and resin anchors.

The anchor installation training will be split into three sections:

  1. Theory session (indoor)
  2. Practical installation session (outdoor on-site)
  3. Assessing natural stone for anchor placement session (outdoor off-site)

What’s Included

The anchor installation training day includes all materials and tools that are needed. Everything from the anchors to PPE will be provided as part of the workshop fee.

A training manual and wallet of reference materials will be provided to each participant.

Participants will need to bring their own food and drink, plus have appropriate clothing for inside and outside activities. A short drive in convoy to a local quarry may be needed for certain courses.


£145.00 per person.
Special rate for private block bookings available.


That’s it for 2023 dates for now. Come back and check soon, or get in touch to request a certain date or book a private training course.


To book a place on a listed date, or to discuss a bespoke workshop, please contact us directly.
You can see details of other training course that we offer on the Training page.

A note on environmental impact

In order to teach safe anchor installation, there must be demonstrations and the chance to install anchors as part of the training. With up to 6 participants and a trainer installing up to 3 anchors each, we do not see it as environmentally responsible to repeatedly use natural rock faces or quarries to place non-removable anchors. We will place anchors into concrete blocks, maximising the number of anchors installed into each block to minimise wasted resources. If possible, anchors will be removed post-course, and the metal recycled. Concrete will be sent to landfill or reclamation sites for use as aggregates.