Public Activities

We understand that some people don’t wish to commit to a full day private booking and might prefer to try an activity in a shorter, budget way first. Our public activities are ideally suited for people looking to jump into a pre-planned activity at a certain level and just experience it. The discounted public activities are only available on limited dates. Select an activity below to see full information.
As a guide, our “Discover” activities tend to be shorter introductory sessions, and the “Adventure” activities are more challenging or physical sessions.
Please note that we only run activities with under 18s if a parent or court appointed guardian is present and participating.

Public Activity Dates At A Glance

Do check back to this page from time to time, as we sometimes add new public activities or add extra dates. Always check the individual course page for additional details. You can buy vouchers for public courses. We can deliver your vouchers by email or through the post and can often do same day dispatch for last minute gifts. Vouchers are sold in pairs. Contact us to purchase.

Discover Caving public course

Discover Caving

You’ll visit one of the Peak District’s amazing caves & explore deep into the 350-million year old landscape, learning about geology and having a unique adventure. This activity is suitable for most ages.


Discover Mine Exploration

Take a journey back in time to experience the history and geology of one of the Peak District’s abandoned mines. You’ll spend time learning how the miners extracted the valuable ore and experience some challenges along the way. Suitable for most ages.

Rock Adventure public course

Rock Adventure

Take to the hills for an adventure on & under the rocks of the Peak District. On a visit to one of the stunning local gritstone escarpments, you’ll take a journey scrambling up, crawling under and wriggling through the ancient landscape. Suitable for both children and adults.

Adventure Caving

Adventure Caving

A step up in challenge from the Discover Caving trips, the Adventure trips are aimed at those who might have caved before, or who simply like the idea of trying something harder. Suitable for older children and adults.

Vertical Adventure Caving public course

Vertical Adventure Caving

Vertical Adventure trips combine the challenges of climbing and abseiling with the experience of cave exploration to give a wonderfully varied day out. Suitable for older teenagers and adults who are up for a physically demanding activity.

Also available are instructor training courses for Caving & Mine Exploration. See our sister site for details. Underground Specialist

Please note that we only run activities with under 18s if a parent or court appointed guardian is present and participating.