Group Events

These days there are more and more large group events looking to try something a bit different when they get together, and this is where we can come in. We meet lots of corporate teams, families and stag/hen groups that are wanting to have an experience in the great outdoors. We will work with you to create bespoke activity packages for groups that exceed our normal working ratios and that can include specific focusses or learning outcomes.

Group Sizes

Our standard groups go up to 12, but we can arrange events for almost any number of participants. Far a larger group, the logistics and staffing become more complex, but we can facilitate a large number of participants with the right choice of activities and timescale.

Activity Rotations

For a large group there can be longer waiting times for goes and more sitting about, that is why we will often need to split large groups into smaller units and rotate around different activities. Your large groups could be split into an activity rotation, or undertake the same activities at different sites. How we approach this will be in part down to the activity choice and part down to your choices for how you want the groups to interact during the event. By using smaller teams, large group bookings can be catered for without causing problems with over crowding and long waiting periods. Specific options available and locations will be dependant on your numbers.

Activity Options

With the right team, any of the activities that we offer are possible as part of a group event. Some of our activities require a little more time to complete, or fewer numbers, so it is best to speak to us about what activities you hope to do. We have listed some of the common activities that we use with large groups below.

Rock Climbing – Allow 2hrs per 12 people. Easy to combine with Weaseling, Abseiling or Orienteering. Many different location options, but only some require no driving to combine with other activities. All abilities catered for. Can be all day.

Weaseling – Highly active and adaptable. This is an easy activity for us to fit around other activities based at the same site due to flexible time requirement. All abilities catered for. 2 hours generally.

Abseiling – Usually done as part of a rock climbing event but fine on it’s own. As time consuming as climbing. All weather option. Limited locations.

Orienteering/Treasure Hunting – Bespoke trails and self led navigation courses on their own or between activity bases. Created on demand for you to fit in with other activities.

Caving – Allow 2hrs+ per 8 people. We can use a few different locations for this, but they are separate to a lot of the other activities in this list. Can fill a whole day if required. Minimum half day.

Team Games – Any activity rotation can have team games built in for fun or we can make a specific session out of it.

Bespoke Activity Planning

We will often need to do a bit more behind the scenes work for larger groups with complex activity rotations or desired outcomes. All events are quoted for individually as staff numbers, kit levels and venue fees will vary per group. With the extra work these events often need, we ask that large bookings are paid for in full at the time of booking.

To start discussing your event, please contact us.
We’ve given you some idea of costs here, but all events are quoted for on a case by case basis.

Peak Instruction - Groups events and tailored activity packages.