Caving & Mine Exploration

A journey into the amazing landscape beneath your feet is one that you will never forget. Caving & mine exploration is a passion for us here. We are equipped and experienced to deliver any aspect of caving & mining from family and introductory sessions to skills coaching & LCMLA leadership awards.

Our business hub is located in the Peak District, with its amazing variety of caves & mines. We do however operate all across the UK, from the clean washed caves of the Yorkshire Dales, to the breathtakingly huge slate mines of Snowdonia. Peak instruction offer activities ranging from tasters to challenging vertical trips, so we have a trip to suit everyone. Beginner trips in simple systems, guiding in classic vertical caves or skills training, we do it all. We are can fully tailor any caving activity and they can be pitched at any level of challenge. To discuss a caving trip to suit your party, get in touch.

Introductory Trips


Aimed at introducing you or your group to the cave or mine environment. Suitable for those with little or no underground experience. They are ideal for novice groups, families or the curious! All ages and abilities catered for and as ever, the trip can be fully tailored to your needs. Don’t be put off by the scary stereotype that caves and mines are subjected to at the hands of the uninformed. Come and enjoy the huge variety of strange and beautiful environments the caves and mines present us with.

Caving Trips

The next step up from introductory level caving trips and a great progression for those who’ve caved before or who are just up for jumping straight in and having a challenge. These are bespoke trips arranged to suit each groups desired level of challenge and adventure. We can run shorter trips in more physical caves, or take you on extended days out underground. These are typically more physical trips that our introductory venues, but we can of course tailor the activity to suit the group.

Vertical Caving

Vertical Caving

The underground world gets even more amazing once we get vertical and can access areas out of the reach of most. Guided vertical trips can involve the use of wire ladders, lower-offs and abseils. Trips can be in and out the same way or as through trips from one entrance to another in certain caves or mines.

Mine Exploration Trips

Welsh Mining

The mines of the Peak District and Snowdonia are industrial icons and are fascinating places to visit. Both a physical challenge and a window into a lost past, mine exploration is a fascinating mix of history and adventure. There is scope for a variety of experiences in our operating areas, ranging from simple guided explorations to more advanced vertical trips.

Single Rope Technique Training & Guiding

The caving skill to unlock all doors. SRT gives us the ability to fully explore vertical caves. A complex but very satisfying set of skills allowing a caver to descend and ascend single fixed ropes without need for ladders. SRT courses are arranged as needed and will be a minimum of 2 days for the initial skills training.
Those cavers with more experience or looking to further their skills in SRT can come on an advanced SRT course and receive some coaching and fine tuning on there practiced technique and learn some of the more complex manoeuvres. SRT rigging courses can also be arranged for those who are SRT proficient and want to progress their own skills further.

For caver training and LCMLA instructor qualifications, look over on our sister site, Underground Specialist.

The UK’s representative body for caving is the British Caving Association. This is also the body that manages the qualifications that we hold. For more info, take a look at their website here.