The 2012 Season Gets Going

2012 has had one of the slowest starts to the outdoor season for many years. Every instructor I’ve spoken too recently has reported a far poorer April than recent years.
It has been no different here, the first few months have been quiet but it has allowed me plenty of time to prepare for the year ahead, road testing some new ideas and forging new parnerships.

One of the first new items you may have seen is the addition of more films via our YouTube channel. All these have been shot so far on my Olympus Tough camera which will be a standard part of the kit for any day out with Peak Instruction. Photo & video memories, especially in the digital age, are really important and we will provide as many memories of your day as we can.
To take this a step further our new GoPro HD Hero camera is on its way to our office. A truely go anywhere system that can be mounted on a helmet, kayak or anything you can think of and can accompany groups through their whole caving trip or give a climbers-eye view of a rock climbing experience. We will also be using the GoPro to produce a number of cave ‘trailers’ to give people a taste of what they may experience on a day with Peak Instruction. I may even find the time to record a few of our local kayak runs to inspire you to have a go.

The next new area to our service is not really new at all. In the background Beth has been producing caving undersuits on demand to cave instructors for a few years but soon we’ll be offering the same fully tailored items to clients and the public.
Her suits are made to measure out of whatever weight fleece you desire and most importantly from an unlimited pallet of designs. Chances are that if you’ve seen a crazy looking suit in the Derbyshire area, it could be one of Beth’s.
It’s not just cave suits, we’ll be introducing outdoor gear repairs, group survival shelters and canoe sails, and this is just the start.
Keep a look out for the outdoor kit specific page on our site – appearing this spring/summer.

We are also planning on introducing a new selection of activites to our range, including things like archery, bushcraft and raft building. I’ve also been working on some corporate/team building adventure packages.

I believe we are all the masters of our own destiny and although the economic climate is not as bouyant as we’d like, a positive approach to the future is our goal. We’ll continue to seek improvement in every aspect of our service throughout 2012 and into the future.