Mini Traxion v2

During 2023 Petzl released an updated version to the long-discontinued Mini Traxion. This new progress capture pulley slots into a range of similar devices from Petzl and some might think that there was already enough models to choose from. We’ve got the Nano Traxion, the Micro Traxion and the Pro Traxion in the current range. What makes the new Mini Traxion stand out from the others then? Well, for a vertical caving rescue tool there are a few standout features.

Unlike the Nano and Micro, the Mini does not have to be removed from the carabiner during use. Being able to load the rope without disconnecting the device reduces the chance of dropping it during those stressful rescue moments.

It’s really efficient. The Mini has 93% efficient bearings, and a sheave that is larger than both the Nano and Micro. Pro is only 2% more efficient, although the huge sheave will make hauls even easier on that device.

It is compact. Okay, so not as compact as the Nano or Micro, but the footprint of the version 2 is barely bigger than the original black and red one. It fits in the palm of your hand and is small enough to rotate around on the inside of a Petzl OK oval carabiner.

For more of my thoughts, check out the video below. I’ve also embedded the Petzl Technical Notice here, as they usually vanish from the website when a new version is released.