This section of the blog contains information on a number of knots used in caving and climbing. The internet is a mine of information on knots and tying so I have no plan to replicate what has been done a thousand times before. This will be a compact list of the knots I use and teach most frequently or those of particular relevance to the caving community. I use the names most commonly associated with them in the caving/climbing world.
The purpose of this section is to be both a memory jogger for people after they leave a course of mine and also perhaps some pre-learning for specialist rigging courses.

It is important to understand that some of the knots here will have very specific uses and I may not cover that here in great detail. You can use the blog to help you learn how to tie, form and adjust the knots, but save the practice for a time when you have some guidence. Don’t be tempted to use any knot ‘blind’, get trained, get informed and practice safely.

Lastly, when tying a knot, remember that a well dressed knot is the only result you should accept. Sloppily dressed or loose knots are hard to undo and can perform unpredictably. Dress it right or you’ve not tied it correctly.

Below is a video guide that I put together showing some of the knots cavers most commonly use. It is like a how to tie guide and not really something just to sit and watch for enjoyment! Open it on the YouTube website and you can click to jump to the specific parts of the video that cover specific knots.

Time codes:

Alpine Butterfly   0:22
Barrel Knot   1:10
Bowline   2:00
Bowline on the Bight rethreaded   03:05
Bowline on the Bight   03:55
Clove Hitch   05:00
Figure of Eight on the Bight   05:50
Figure of Eight rethreaded   06:25
Figure of Eight “Bunny Ears”   07:45
Italian Hitch   08:45
Overhand on the Bight   09:15
Stopper Knot   09:50


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