Darkside Caving & Mining Club

The Darkside Caving & Mining Club (DCMC) is a BCA affiliated caving club set up in 2008 as a simple way to access the permit scheme required in some regions.

Now the UK’s access situation is changing but the club is just as required with some caves and mines still only accessible to members of BCA clubs, not even individual members. The DCMC exists to allow members to access the permits for the trips they want to do, not to have a rigid meet structure.

Membership is mainly comprised of LCMLA and CIC award holders seeking to expand their logbooks. The membership year runs Jan to Dec but we can take mid year members. The club has a Facebook group for current or prospective members to discuss trips or membership: DCMC Facebook Page

We have a Chairman who acts as membership administrator and webmaster and a Meets Secretary who can help organise any permits.
All members of the club are known as Assistant Meet Secretaries, or AMS’s. This empowers them to apply for permits in the club’s name.

Chairman: Pete Knight
Meet Secretary: John Geeson

Read the current DCMC Constitution v3 2016.