Wrysgan Rigging Guides

I’ve recently had a couple of visits to Wrysgan mine and taken the opportunity to place a few new anchors and remove the cable from the Floor 3 traverse and some older rusty hardware.
I’ve updated and built on original rigging guides produced by Gethin Thomas and these new versions are freely available for use by instructors under the creative commons licence. If┬áthere are any changes to the rigging in the mine┬áplease let me know I’ll update the guide.

Most of the Collinox and Goujoin bolts were donated in 2011 by Miles Moulding, Blue Peris, Gethin Thomas and Dena Proctor. 2016 additions by Pete Knight.

Wrysgan Floor 3 Traverse

Wrysgan Floor 1 & 2 Abseil & Climb