Cwmorthin SRT Rigging Guides

In 2016 I was looking to increase the training resources in Cwmorthin Mine as part of my LCMLA Level 2 and SRT training courses. The following pitch was created by myself and Duncan S with the kind permission of Go Below who have the lease on the mine.

In the winter of 2018 I installed resin anchors to compliment the existing expansion anchors on the roofing shaft pitch which descends from Cwmorthin E8E to Oakley Z42. This was for access to a maintenance job I was undertaking for GoBelow. Any fixed rigging left on this pitch is not the responsibility of myself or GoBelow and should be treated as unsafe for human loads.

Completing the current SRT resources in Cwmorthin, Gethin Thomas placed anchors for a straightforward pitch near the GoBelow Catwalk in chamber 2W of the Back Vein. This pitch takes you from B1W to C2W and can be walked around if required. Take care not to interfere with the running of GoBelow trips in this area as you will need to share some of the anchors that they use with their fixed rigging.