Abseiling has traditionally been the method used for accessing rock climbs from the cliff top or for retreating from mountain routes down to safety. Abseiling has now evolved into an activity in its own right. Stepping over the edge for the first time and committing your weight to the rope is a real adrenalin rush.


Abseiling is the act of ‘sliding’ in a controlled way down fixed ropes. Abseilers can control their own speed of descent whereas climbers tend to lower one another. This is a great activity for anyone who fancies bit of heart rate raising fun, but it also works really well when combined with other rock activities for a varied day out. So why go abseiling? Simple, we believe that this is an activity that has the potential of really mentally pushing its participants. Fully backed up with independent safety ropes you are free to experience the thrill in complete safety.

Peak Instruction has run abseils on large manmade structures for charity groups and larger events. We have run large, technical abseils on tower blocks, inside church spires & from iconic cliff edges.

If you want to do abseiling, either on its own or as part of an activity package, get in touch. Combined with rock climbing, abseiling makes an excellent part day activity. Teamed up with climbing and weaseling, you have a full day of fun on the rock.

Training Options

Looking to learn the skills to safely rig and manage your own abseils? Peak Instruction are able to provide training in all aspects of climbing and abseiling. In our staff pool we have holders of the very highest UK qualifications for teaching abseiling and climbing. Holders of the Mountain Climbing Instructor award (formerly MIA) are experts in teaching on the rock. For details of this qualification, have a look at the Mountain Training website here.

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