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Why choose us…

We have a 10 year legacy of delivering bespoke activities and training to a diverse range of clients. Tailored private activities are our primary focus at Peak Instruction. You can buy many adventure days ‘off the shelf’ and these can be enjoyed with other people, but our niche is amazing experiences for private groups. This section of the website will give you some details about the level of service we offer to every client.

Tailored Service

Each enquiry is unique and we take an individual approach to every booking. You might be looking for someone to take your group caving or climbing for the first time. Some providers will give you a time and place to meet and that’s that. We will first find out what you might have done before, where you are travelling from, what level of challenge you’d like or type of group you are. We can then present some options to you or, if you prefer us to make the judgement, we’ll do what we think is most appropriate for your group and goals. If you don’t yet know what you want, that is no problem either. Maybe you are organising a stag or hen day. We can give you a range of options. Times, locations, content, challenge, all these things and more can be tailored for your booking.

We also specialise in training for independence in the environment of your choice. Bespoke caving skills days, rock climbing tuition and navigation training can all be arranged using highly qualified and experienced instructors.

Don’t think this level of service will take months to plan or cost a fortune though. The process is quick, we just need some simple info from you at the enquiry stage. We can typically get all the info we need to give you the best service in a short phone call or 3-4 emails. We have also managed to fit this process in with last minute bookings that go out the next day! Tweaking what we do to be the best activity we can deliver for your group is second nature for us. The costs don’t change however many emails or phone calls we need to have together in order to prepare for your day.

Pre-Booking Information

Once we’ve settled on a plan, we’ll provide a confirmation of our meeting time and the location. This typically comes as a PDF document that can be shared to the rest of your group. Also included in this document will be details of anything you need to bring along, suggestions for things you might also choose to have, and advice on things you won’t want with you. We’ll give you advice on clothing requirements for all our activities. For larger, multi-group events, we can do team specific itineraries and kit lists too.


We pride ourselves on having excellent equipment and resources.
Our technical equipment is modern, appropriate and made by the most trusted brands. It is regularly checked by a qualified PPE inspector and prior to every booking. We use kit that cavers and climbers use, not what is just the cheapest or longer lasting. You’ll experience the activity with the gear you might one day choose to buy and use yourself.

Climbing Equipment

All of our equipment and clothing is kept meticulously clean, even the caving suits! In the current Coronavirus situation we also ensure every item is disinfected and Covid-safe after every use and prior to going out on any other booking. You can read more information on our Coronavirus precautions and policies here.

Instructors / Leaders

The team is the most important part of the service we provide. Our staff pool consists of a small group of trusted associates with many years experience in a diverse range of disciplines. Some of them we’ve worked alongside for over a decade, some of them are the highest qualified or most experienced professionals in their sector. All of the team are trusted, friendly, knowledgeable and able to deliver the excellence of service we require. All staff are qualified first aiders (in the wilderness environment), with a minimum of 16 hours of training every 3 years. Some are also local Mountain and Cave Rescue team members.

If you attended a day with us in the past, we’d be happy to put you with the same instructor you had last time if they are available and appropriately qualified for the enquiry you are making.

Meet & Greet

We don’t have a reception or meeting room that you need to travel to for our activities. We are a fully mobile operation. That gives us the flexibility to run activities anywhere we need to. Once we have established where you are staying or travelling from, we will suggest a suitably easy to locate meeting point. This could be at your accommodation or the activity location itself, but is usually a convenient spot somewhere in between. Google Maps links (or any other format needed) are provided in the pre-booking information.

Our equipment store is in New Mills, on the edge of the Peak District. This area is our primary region for activity delivery. Being a mobile operation does however allow us to run activities across the UK. The Yorkshire Dales and Snowdonia are areas we often frequent.


Most groups will have access to their own camera or smartphone for taking pictures. You don’t need to worry about scratching your new phone thought because we send out waterproof rugged cameras on each booking. One of the things we are proud of is our ability take quality photos underground. Using compact remote flash units in a waterproof housing, we have captured hundreds of crystal clear caving photos with clients over the years. We’re sure you can appreciate that sometimes the tech does not play ball, and we have accidentally smashed quite a few of our cameras over the last 10 years! We can’t promise amazing photos every time, but we always try our best to capture your day with us.

You are welcome to bring your own action cameras to use if you wish. We can’t stick them to our helmets, but if you have the head band, chest harness or wrist strap then that is no problem. You can always ask us to bring one of our GoPro to your activity if you’d like some video taken. We don’t charge extra for this service!

We usually upload media to an album on our Flickr account for you to share and download. If it is more convenient for you, we can put a DVD in the post free of charge. There are a couple of album links if you want to have a look at the kind of photos we try to capture during your booking:
Caving 11/08/2019 | Flickr
Dales Caving Day 13-09-2020 | Flickr

Photographs of your day are just part of the service we give.


Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, whether about customer service, equipment or experience. We will invite you contact us after your activity if you wish, and we are always open to any feedback you might have. We never badger people or offer any ‘incentives’ for online reviews. So when we receive one we know it has been left because that person wanted to take the time to write it. For that we are always very grateful.
Please take a look at some of the comments over on our TripAdvisor listing: Peak Instruction – Pete Knight & Associates | TripAdvisor

Have We Missed Something?

Do you have some requirement we have not talked about yet? If you have some additional needs or want to discuss a different service with us, just get in touch for a chat. We’re sorry but we can’t provide you travel, food or accommodation as part of an activity package. We can however give you guidance and recommendations on how and where to find what you need.


All the above services come as standard when booking private activities. You can see our standard private activity pricing structure here, although we will quote on a case by case basis.