Activity Pricing

At Peak Instruction we will always be open about our pricing. Costs will be made clear up front, there are no hidden charges and we do not add VAT to any prices, the cost you are quoted is what you will pay.
Food, accommodation and transport are not included in our prices.

Payment Options

  • PayPal
  • Debit or Credit card transactions (through PayPal)
  • Direct bank account (BACS) transfer
  • Cheque (must clear 28 days or more prior to the booking)

Private Bespoke Group Prices

Private bookings are our speciality and each booking will be treated to a bespoke service with the activities, goals and level of challenge tailored to you. You can read about how we tailor bookings and the high level of service we provide as standard in this post. Below is the tariff of prices that will cover most private bespoke bookings. For some bookings there may be extra behind the scenes preparation work, higher qualification level staffing or additional services that may affect the costs, so all enquiries will be quoted for on a case by case basis. Prices are for adults and children.

Private Bookings

  • 1 Person = £218.00 pp
  • 2 People = £109.00 pp
  • 3 People = £79.00 pp
  • 4 People = £69.00 pp
  • 5 People = £59.00 pp
  • 6 People = £59.00 pp
  • 7 People = £55.00 pp
  • 8 People = £55.00 pp
  • 9 People = £55.00 pp
  • 10 People = £52.00 pp
  • 11 People = £50.00 pp
  • 12 People = £50.00 pp
  • Groups of 13 or more participants typically cost £45.00 per person.

The exact length of time that your day runs will be mainly governed by what you have chosen to do and what your goals are. We can plan an activity package to fit into a certain timeframe for you, or set out to complete a specific goal and finish when we achieve that. When you book with us under the prices above, you’ll get as much time as is needed for your activity. You’ll always be given an indication of how long we would expect you to be out during the enquiry stage.

As examples – If you are booking a multi-activity day, then that could run from 9:30am to 4pm, giving you 6+ hours with us. Something like a vertical caving trip however has a more specific finishing point, but the time taken to complete that trip varies with each group. That activity could perhaps take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to complete. So, for some bookings we will be out on activity from X time to Y time, and on others, we’ll start at a certain time and then finish as and when the goal or trip is complete.

Private Short Booking

You might just be looking for a short activity session, maybe just to have a quick taste without getting tired, or fitting it in around other holiday plans. We do offer shorter activity sessions on request. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss a short booking. We can usually offer a reduced price for bookings of no more than 2-3 hours (providing we have availability). Some of the costs we incur when we deliver a full day are the same as they would be for a short one (travel, staffing, access fees etc…). You can expect prices for short activity sessions to be around three quarters of the cost for a full day as shown above, but each enquiry will be individually quoted.

Large Group Events

Group sizes beyond those shown above will be quoted for on a case by case basis. We can manage large events of up to 30 or 40 participants at competitive rates.

Coaching & Technical Training or Services

Some private coaching, guiding or bespoke technical training may require a very high level of staff qualification. These typically have higher day rates reflecting greater staffing costs or equipment requirements. Our coaching costs include ongoing support.
For British Caving Association Cave or Mine Leader courses, or Technical Advice and Services, please see our sister site: Pete Knight – Underground Specialist | Training & Technical Services

Public Activity and Public Course Prices

Any public activity or course that we offer has a specific information page on this website. These courses are on set dates with a set content over a set time. For full details see the specific public activity page.

Possible Additional Costs

  • Cave access fees payable to landowners and farmers at point of entry. If you ask us take you to a specific named cave or mine which has an access fee, then we may ask you to pay that fee additionally to our costs. This can be thought of like a parking charge for venues on private land. We include these fees in our quotes on most bookings but will advise during your enquiry if they will be an additional cost.
  • Car parking fees when meeting in National Park, National Trust or Council owned car parks. You will need to have coins and card available for parking fees for some activities.