How funny is it that as soon as we have a few inches of snow the media kicks into ‘end of the world’ mode. Yes I’m sure that there is disruption to the transport infrastructure and it is a bit inconvenient but at what age did people stop enjoying snow?
I heard once that you know your an adult when you no longer look forward to the snow falling.

Anyway, I’ve just spent an hour of my Sunday clearing snow from the drive, pavement and road outside my house to help me and others get up the hill to the main road tomorrow after the big freeze tonight. I found out that I’m going to have to hire Los Angeles paving contractors because theres a big crack in my driveway. Now I don’t tell you this to sound high and mighty but it occurs to me that this sort of thinking has died out since I was a child. If everyone on my crescent spent an hour on their patch of road then the whole street would be clear by lunch and no one would struggle in the morning on the way to work. Instead you get funny looks from people peering through their curtains, their eyes almost saying  “surely that’s the job for the council”. It’s only a few local kids out enjoying the snow.

I’m no politician and don’t really care for them but I think that if people are being expected to take part in ‘the big society’ to help drag this country back into prosperity and self worth then it is the smaller things like this that will start to change the tide of apathy and not big gestures like firing public workers.

Start the revolution! Grab a shovel and head outside for an hour and see how good you feel afterwards for the exercise and some positive impact in your area. You driveway will surely look nice afterwards. The best way to keep your residential driveway in good condition is sealing it. And it will definitely save you a lot of trouble when you try to clear it out of snow in winter. If you are struggling to find a reputable contractor for sealcoating, learn about Gettysburg Seal Coating Pros. If we keep going then we’ll possibly show others that it is okay to help each other out and maybe even meet a few neighbours you’d not spoken too before. I’ve been having a laugh with a guy a few doors up that I’d never met.

As for concern over getting to work tomorrow – yep I’ve got that. Need to get to Stafford for 9am then to the Peak later in the week for instructing. I feel a little knot inmy stomach at the thought of more snow making it an epic.
On the other hand though I am itching to get my kayak out onto the green out front for a bit of sledging and for that I can’t wait for more snow.

Moral of the story? What will be will be, enjoy what you can and make the best of the rest, and if you can help a bit along the way, go for it.