LCMLA Training Courses

Level 1 Training

Prior to attending an LCMLA Level 1 training course please ensure you are registered with the BCA and have been issued with a logbook and LCMLA number. There are no prerequisites for registration. In some circumstances you can register after a training course but if not done within 2 weeks the course will not count.
When you book I will ask to see a summary of your logbook and your Section 1 (yellow) details page from your logbook. Please bring your full logbook to the course.

It is advised that you have 12 or more trips in a selection of different venues prior to training. Less than this might impact on the quality of the training course. If in doubt, please get in touch.

Level 1 Mine Training – 2 days (min 16 hours)
Level 1 Cave Training – 2 days (min 16 hours)
Level 1 Cave & Mine Training – 3 days (min 24 hours)
All days of the courses may involve evening sessions. The course will usually be run on consecutive days but spit courses are available.
Max ratio of 6 trainees to 1 trainer.

Any candidates joining an LCMLA training course with myself will receive a digital ‘pack’ of useful documents, aide memoirs and scheme advice. Some of this information is also available here for download.

LCMLA Level 1 Course Handouts

Level 2 Training

Prior to attending a Level 2 training course you must have already completed a Level 1 training course. It is advisable to have completed your Level 1 Assessment prior to L2 training but not essential. When you book I will ask to see a summary of your experience and both your Section 1 (yellow) details page and your Section 4A L1 training course report from your logbook. Please bring your full logbook to the course.

You must have the minimum requirements for the Level 1 training (12 trips) plus have considerable experience vertical caving and have some SRT skills.

Level 2 Training – 2 days (min 16 hours)
The course will include at least 1 evening and can be run over 3 days.
Max ratio of 4 trainees to 1 trainer.
SRT skills will be included on every training course, please ensure you have some understanding of the techniques. If you require an SRT kit, we can hire one to you for the course.

LCMLA Level 2 Course Handouts

LCMLA Participation Statement

Details of the scheme listed here are correct as of Jan 2016 but you should always refer to the most recent version of the LCMLA Handbook available from the British Caving Association. The BCA recognises caving and mine exploration as hazardous activities. Anyone attending a LCMLA course should understand and accept the risks involved. It is normal to visit areas of caves and mines with increased levels of hazard as part of the training process. If this would prove an issue for you please get in touch.

LCMLA Level 1 Flow Chart

LCMLA Level 2 Flow Chart

BCA logbook pages for candidates needing blanks or for those wishing to record their caving and mine exploration trips prior to registering for the LCMLA scheme.

BCA Blank Logbook Page A5

BCA Blank New Cave Page A5