Hello everyone and thanks for exploring the website and finding your way here. Most visiting here will already know me but for those that do not yet I’ll shortly be putting up a bio page.

This blog is my way of ranting, advertising, getting my say and generally sharing all the little things that an outdoor professional and enthusiast comes across in his life. I don’t promise to update things constantly (that’s what Twitter is for!) but I wll do my best to keep the content interesting and topical.

2012 is going to be an interesting year me and I already feel the change coming. True Grit Instruction which has been my baby for the last few years (and dates back a lot longer) is going to be slowly disappearing during the year. It will be replaced by a new identity to celebrate my move into fully running my own business and Peak Instruction’s website is already up and running in parrallel with TGI.
I have linked my business with GoOutdoors by both using them as a booking agent and doing a few hours a week in their Hathersage store. Here’s hoping for some good Valentines bookings.
I have also committed to a part time employed contract with the YHA at their activity centre again, a change from the full time position I’ve held for 5 years.

Away from the business side of things I am working for Moors For The Future Partnership as a casual airlifting assistant. I get to go up in the cold and help marshal helicopter drop-offs for the moorland restoration work in the Peak District. This is just one of the ways I hope to start putting a little back into the outdoors in the future.

So, lots of plates spinning but an exciting year ahead. I look forward to all the challenges and new experiences it will bring.
I’m off the PC now as I’ve been doing site edits all day now and need a break. I hope the snow doesn’t get us too bad as I’ve got to head to Stafford on Monday for a meeting of the British Caving Association’s NCP panel, meanwhile my wife is going actual caving – not fair!