I am Pete Knight, a caver and mine explorer. I’m a¬†holder of the Cave Instructor Certificate and general multi discipline outdoor instructor. I run a small business brand centred on the Peak District called Peak Instruction and I deliver underground courses, training and guiding across the UK via my personal site, Underground Specialist.
I spend a lot of time in the North Wales area and I am a member of the North Wales Panel of LCMLA trainer/assessors.

This blog exists as a place to host useful information on equipment and techniques, information on caves &¬†mines and anything else of use to the caving and general outdoor community. You’ll also find downloads for my LCMLA course handouts. All handouts and blog content are covered under the following Creative Commons Licence.

I have a host of connected social media sites and what you are seeking may be hosted on one of them. If not, a ‘follow’ or ‘like’ is always appreciated.
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